Layout Garden

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Design is an essential part of building a visually appealing and user-friendly website. Creating proper modules and layouts can make your website stand out and increase engagement with your audience. Modules are reusable components that can be used throughout your website to ensure consistency and improve the user experience.

  • Theme Challenge

    The ‘Theme’ project was created with the intent of using a standard template and shaping it to match an industry standard. The idea was to be able to take influences from a well-known site in a specific category and using that to shape our template. To make the project stand out, I had to be able to capture the professional style and imply skill through my design.

  • Wireframe

    Translated design blueprints into visually appealing, functional website components, maintaining a cohesive and user-friendly interface. This design project aimed to showcase the ability to turn a wireframe into a presentable project with reusable components. The entire project began as a ‘Figma’ file, which I used as a guideline to turn the concept into reality. There were moments when I discovered that some components needed to be adjusted to better capture the overall product, which varied from the concept design.

  • SecondWave: Resell Shop

    ‘SecondWave: Resell Shop’ is a cutting-edge web application using Nuxt 3 framework, leveraging the power of Supabase as the robust database solution for seamless product management. This substantial undertaking demanded rapid learning and a high degree of adaptability to master emerging technologies and deliver a scalable, high-performance solution. Achievements include proficiently implementing dynamic layouts in design to enhance user experience and optimizing database operations to ensure a streamlined user experience.