Whenever an opportunity arises, I craft engaging posts. Some delve into detailed case studies that offer a profound examination of various projects, while others are simply me indulging in the art of self-expression. Often, you'll discover a TV or movie quote intertwined within.

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    A Beautiful Lie | 009

    At this point we’ve learned ways to effectively use PHP and create a project that could take user input and create a card for that information. Read More

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    Perpetual Education. So far.

    The early days were just learning about the computer and to how to turn this machine into a tool for us. Read More

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    고인물 [ Goinmul ] | 008

    The cool thing about learning all these programming tools in PHP is that… it will translate over to other languages that we will be learning in the future. Read More

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    Life is perspective | 007

    Speaking visual language is a tool that has to be mastered. Theres a lot to consider when designing a website for the world to view and critic. Read More

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    The more I learn | 005

    Podcast Special

    I, we started off making a boilerplate. Which, it's basically a template for our code. Read More